At OnaltıDokuz Istanbul, Istanbul is close in every aspect.
Look at and live Istanbul from the inside, not from far away.
OnaltıDokuz Istanbul is located in Istanbul’s developing, changing, transforming and growing center of Zeytinburnu, Bakırköy Shore.

OnaltıDokuz Istanbul is located 8 km from the airport, 4 km from the E-5 highway, 200 m from the Marmaray and tunnel passing entrance, and is only 3 minutes walking distance away from hospitals and sea taxi, 4 km from İDO Yenikapı Port, 9 km from Sirkeci and 10 km from Taksim. The Maiden’s Tower, Marmara, the Islands, the Bosphorus, Seraglio Point, and Yeşilköy are within eyesight, and the sea is so close that you can smell it.