The World Meets in Turkey
With the recent regulation, you will now be able to own a property easily in Turkey, regardless of your nationality. With the new legislation in force, abolishing the "reciprocity" principle, foreign individuals can now buy real estate in Turkey. Thus, all foreign nationals from Azerbaijan to Iran, from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait and Libya, who have not had the legal right to own a real estate in Turkey until today, have been entitled to do so. So which countries shall benefit from it?

What is Law of Reciprocity?
Until recently, the law known as "Law of Reciprocity" did not permit Citizen of 39 countries to own real estate in Turkey. The legislation has been rearranged and now the prospect of making investments has become easier for the foreign nationals who wish to own a real estate in Turkey. What is the legal opinion on the matter?

Onaltidokuz İstanbul Awaits You in İstanbul!
Briefly thanks to this regulation, Istanbul and Istanbul's newest and rarest aspect, OnaltıDokuz Istanbul open their doors to you. Be prepared to place yourself in Istanbul, one of the few "unique" cities in the world.