The city of Istanbul offers numerous points of view from which the beauty of the city can be viewed, but the location of OnaltıDokuz Istanbul offers a new perspective with breathtaking panoramic views. From OnaltıDokuz Istanbul, the city surrounds you in all its magnificence.

Istanbul’s newest point of view, OnaltıDokuz Istanbul is for seeing not looking. It’s for waking up to Istanbul everyday and exploring new details each time you open your eyes.

OnaltıDokuz Istanbul redefines what it means to be a citizen, with its residential apartment flats featuring a modern approach to space and a unique living philosophy. The project is located on a 30 acre stretch of land, 200 meters away from the sea and includes spectacular views of the sea.

It consists of 3 blocks of 36, 32 and 27 floors and 496 apartments, all of which have a view of Istanbul. Its 25,000 m2 shopping and living area, indoor parking lots, and social and landscape areas add convenience to your life in Istanbul.